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ANTONIO EYEZ | All Eyes on Antonio Eyez

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

At age 14, I taught myself to play lead guitar & bass in 12 different tunings… I learned two play many other instruments as well… I also learn different genres of music from jazz/funk/r&b/gospel/rock/pop/psychedelic/county/alternate & many more… I learned songs from vh1 MTV & bet videos & listening two of my cd’s DVD’s & VHS videos I bought at “soundwaves” way b4 YouTube & Soundcloud no cap… I was listening to artists like JamesBrown/Prince/D’Angelo/Van Hunt/Lenny Kravitz/Steve Vai/Marilyn Manson/David Bowie/George Clinton/Erykah Badu/Pearl Jam/Jesse Johnson/Foo Fighters/Mint Condition & the list goes on after high school at the age of 18 I graduated I was ready to live my dream, so I did.

On the road playing behind music groups, I went on tour with one group name “endurance” from Houston, TX. We opened for “the canton spirituals Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC’s bobby jones & more & was nominated for a stellar award also this is where I learned the gospel “music business” and bring on the road & what comes with it… So, I jumped ship & left.

I felt I learned everything I needed to know about that situation & applied the good knowledge to things I wanted to do musically in the future. I released my first album titled “Antonio” in 2012 produced, arranged, performed, composed, mixed & mastered by me & sold over 1,000 copies in one month… I was surprised at the number of people that were buying my music at that time… My only promotion was this record store called “sunrise records” and my car with some loudspeakers banging my music everywhere with crazy faith & action.

Having the courage to make it happen no matter is what led me here… I got a chance to do a video song with the “grammy award-winning” “van hunt” and also produced the “onya” (funky remix) with “monyea crawford” available on “bandcamp” for the “grammy award winning group” “arrested development” my new ep “futurerocknroll” under “lovechild productions” was #24 on the “amazon” soul charts!! Produced, arranged, composed, performed by me mixed & mastered by award-winning grammy engineers “monyea Crawford & Alvin speights” available everywhere it just keeps getting better & better.

Interview: Voyage Houston

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